Among the Fallen Leaves
Oh how it hurts to hurry away
Just we told our hearts to play
Are both to lose, will always fail
Just like the heroes in all these tales

Your letters arrived once a month
All my hopes with them far gone
Will always live in your heart and pain
Please tell my son how proud he makes me

Why the hell did I leave you all?
Why do I have to be at this godforsaken place?
Every night I´m dreaming of these golden fields
Will never come back to kiss my beloved
This blooddrunk field will be my grave

Sirens, again they call
We fall into a lake of blood
Staring sad and cold at me
Souls and hearts are lost

Without grace we lose our lives
Under blackened falling skies
Rain´s the only one who cries
When a sunless morning
lies upon, the final dawn
Endless darkness all I see
Remember me, no one sees
unfinished letters among the fallen leaves

Staring at these dirty bloodstained lines
All these promising hopes, godforsaken lies
Staring at your very final words
Every single one, it hurts
So many plans for a joyful life
Everything so hollow
Soon we will follow
In front of me, a seductive shiny knife
© 2007-2016 Mooncry